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ORA designs versatile, timeless pieces that your customers will love and buy.

  • We’ve been designing and selling original, solid metal, handmade jewelry that helps women look and feel good for over 15 years.

  • ORA’s versatile designs have an understated elegance that allows for individual styling and is easy to dress up or down.

  • Affordable pricing makes ORA popular for quality, thoughtful gifts

Let’s work together and find out how ORA can help your brand grow.

  • By providing quality, insta-worthy, easy-to-merchandise, display stands that showcase different best-selling ORA ranges.
  • Easy to reach via Email and Whatsapp support.
  • Mixing things up regularly with the release of new designs and concepts.
  • Swopping out any items that are not moving - T&C's applied.
  • Cleaning any jewellery that may need it - T&C's applied.


Using the knowledge and experience I’ve attained over the past 11yrs of stocking stores, I’ve carefully curated collections that I’ve learned work well together.

The ordering process is super simple. Contact me to find out the about the different ordering that I have streamlined.

My wish is that you benefit from my expertise - resulting in happy customers and increased revenue.

– Natasha Collins


We reduce your risk and workload by providing easy-to-merchandise display stands that showcase different best-selling ORA ranges.

We invest in stores that invest in us, let’s grow together.

Become a stockist and join our success story today.

Here is what others have to say
We have a stunning collection of exceptional quality jewellery with great branding material that makes merchandising with a Breeze.
— - CATHY - Willow Shop.
Her designs are current and fashionable, and the display is professional. We are a proud stockist of ORA.
— - BARRY – Hometown Gifts
The jewellery is displayed on a gorgeous, functional stand and Natasha, the owner is a pleasure to deal with.
— JANICE – Blink
“I have stocked ORA in my shop for over a year now and have always found their service to be incredibly efficient and professional. Their jewellery is gorgeous, competitively priced and sells very well. All in all I would definitely recommend working with Natasha.
— LIESEL- Prey Boutique