Custom-Design Jewellery


We would love to work one to one with you to create your very own custom-design jewellery and engagement rings.

This is an exciting discovery process. It is about understanding our client’s ideas, passions and dreams and incorporating these into a piece of jewellery.

We would like to make this process as harmonious as possible. We have created an application for you to fill in to help us get started!

On completing the Custom-Design Jewellery Application form below, there will be an initial consultation, where we can find out all the finer details and define a starting point for creation.

We usually go through a phase of design concepts, if you are clear about what you want we skip this step.

We then proceed to design your perfect Jewellery piece, we use different methods during the design process, as every piece is unique.

We will then source and supply you with the perfect diamonds and gemstones and chosen precious metal.

We use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Which will provide you with a 3D image of the jewellery piece thus enabling you to be fully involved in the whole process. Sometimes we will only need to draw up a sketch or use a reference image. Regardless of the method, we will not proceed to craft your Jewellery piece until you are 100% happy with the design.

When having a piece of Jewellery Custom-Design you will be included every step of the way. What you want matters to us and we will do everything to be sure that you get it.

For further inquiries email